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2018 Somerset Hills Mountaineers Football Season!
by posted 08/15/2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2018 Somerset Hills Mountaineers Football Season!

We started practice on Monday, and it is truly inspiring to see the kids'
energy and excitement to play this game.

I will send a more detailed welcome email in the next week which will
highlight key dates (game schedules, parent meeting, etc.),

so I will keep this email brief.

In the meantime, we need everyone to focus on the following 3 items:

1.  Please communicate conflict dates for practice attendance to your
coaches early and often.  

If your child cannot attend a practice, it is imperative that our coaches
know days in advance.  

Our first scrimmages are in two weeks.  Our first game is Sunday, September
9th (25 days away), so coaches need to organize/plan their
practices/strategies accordingly. 

If you cannot attend practices, our coaches can/will email you the key
educational materials for that practice.  

2.  Please complete your parent and player code of conduct agreements.
Children will not be able to practice until they are completed.

3.  Please arrange a time with your coach to fit and receive your child's
football equipment.


Ned Ginty


Somerset Hills Mountaineers

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by posted 08/07/2018



High School Red & White Football Scrimmage Saturday August 11th. 11:00am - 1:00pm
Youth Football players are invited to participate in drills with the high school football team.
Youth Football Coaches are invited onto the field to learn about some the drills.
$1.00 Everything will be $1.00 at the Snack Shack Dollar Day everything is $1.00
Italian ice
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by posted 07/27/2018


Clinic and equipment pickup still set for 7/30 and 8/6 at the new turf field. The clinic will be held from 6-7:30 pm, so equipment will be distributed during that timeframe.  Any issues with pickup, please reach out to your respective coaches to have an alternate date. Do not forget to bring volunteer bonds, equipment deposits, and SHM-Physician report at time of equipment pickup. Thank you,

K-2 – Gary Gibson (  )

3rd Grade – Gary Gibson (  )

4th Grade – Ron Bubnowski (   )

5th Grade – Ray Liranzo (  )

6th Grade – Kevin Morra (  )

7th Grade – Gene Carrigan (  )

8th Grade - Bryon Garcia (  )

There’s still time to register, please click the link below.

To register, click REGISTER.


Join our email list. Link below sets you in our upgraded system/email list. Pass it along to interested players and friends.

Join email -  LIST.

SHM Board

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by posted 07/23/2018

Hi Mountaineers,

Today’s clinic rescheduled to August 6th, Monday. Post clinic, we will have pizza and ice cream for the players. Equipment distribution will be held that day as well. Please bring bonds and medical forms too.

7/30 clinic still scheduled as planned.

There’s still time to register, please click the link below.

SHM Board

To register, click REGISTER.



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by posted 07/20/2018

Mountaineers families,

The Board has decided to extend early bird registration cost ($275 - for our tackle levels) for this weekend through next Wednesday. Parents who have registered at the $325 cost will be adjusted and we will reach out to you soon. Each level would love to add more players to their respective squad and put a competitive fun team in place for our August practices.

Come join us! Coaches are ready to provide a safe, fun, and great learning environment to play football!

Entering our new league, NJSYFL - New Jersey Surburban Youth Football League, http://www.njsyfl.com/index.php, we are all committed to a safe environment for our players.

Please review our assessment to our previous league to NJSYFL HERE.

From town halls, clinics, and coaches reaching out and addressing questions, we want to answer all your questions. Please reach out to me as well -  . To note, NJSYFL and respective coaches from each town assess all players and provide input to player level in the league. Check out more information using the link mentioned above.

To register, click REGISTER.

Below you will find basic requirements for each level. We hope to see you on the field! Thank you,



Flag teams are for players up to a maximum age of 10 years 6 months of age as of September 1st. 

Pre-Clinic teams are for players up to a maximum age of 10 years 6 months of age as of September 1st.

Clinic teams are for players up to a maximum age of 10 years 6 months of age as of September 1st.

SPW teams are for players up to a maximum age of 11 years 6 months of age as of September 1st.

Pee Wee (PW) teams are for players up to a maximum age of 12 years 6 months of age as of September 1st.

JV teams are for players up to a maximum age of 13 years 6 months of age as of September 1st.

Varsity teams are for players up to a maximum age of 14 years 6 months of age as of September 1st.CheerleadgradesK to 8.



Weight Limits for each grade level and comparison below.

NJSYFL Chart below. Current season.

Division (Tackle) Team Level (NJSYFL classification) Grade Level Backfield Weight Limit


N/A 3 N/A
Clinic "E" - Heavyweights 4 90
SPW "D" - Heavyweights 5 100
PW "C" - Heavyweights 6 115
JV "B" - Heavyweights 7


Varsity "A" - Heavyweights 8 160


Previous chart with MCYFL. (Former league)

Weight Chart

Age on 9/1

Weight on

Game 1

Weight for Tackle-

Tackle Positions

Pre Clinic 8 90 90
Clinic 9 100 100
SPW 10 111 111
PW 11 123 128
JV 12 138 144
Varsity 14 161 168
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by posted 07/18/2018


Coach Bryon has offered some workout videos to tune up for the season. Let’s get ready for some football! Set your goals now! Push yourself with a friend! Get game ready! Go!

Coach Bryon’s player prep for the season

SHM Board


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by posted 07/13/2018

Dear Somerset Hills Families,

Are you ready for some football?!!!

We will have three free football clinics each Monday for the remainder of

to get your children ready for the upcoming season, and to have some fun!

Each clinic will be at the new turf field at the polo grounds from 6-8 p.m.

                The next clinic will be Monday, July 16th.

Importantly – 

For the clinics on July 23rd and 30th, we will distribute equipment,

and accept various registration paperwork (SHM-Physician forms, birth certificate copies for 4th grade and up, volunteer waiver deposit, equipment bond, etc.)

You will receive follow-up emails in the coming days and weeks regarding
their availability on the website to print out.

A fun addition to the clinics will be pizza and ice cream for the kids after
the clinic on the 23rd and a NFL alum night on the July 30th clinic.

Most importantly – 

These clinics will also offer an opportunity for you to speak with board
members and coaches to ask questions about the upcoming season.

For example, we can clarify that:

·         Your children will have a significantly greater opportunity to
play on a team with children in their own grades due to greater flexibility
with birth date cut-offs, and weight exceptions.

·         Your children are participating on teams with lower weight limits
for running back eligible players than in our old league.

·         Will not be playing football at any level with kickoffs or free
kicks on safeties.  This reduces the situations where high velocity impact
events can occur.

·         Children at lower levels will only be permitted to line up (on the
offensive and defensive lines) in two point stances.

·         Any child proposed as a weight exception player in our league must
be evaluated (during scrimmages in August) and unanimously approved by the
entire league in order to play with children their same age.   

We will be present at all  league evaluations to ensure that weight
exception players are placed on the appropriate teams based on their size,
skill, and age.  Specifically, we will watch these players scrimmage, and if
one team of the thirty teams in our league rejects a weight exception
player, that player must move up to a level deemed most appropriate for
their size, skill, and age by their entire league. 

There are many more safety enhancements for this new league to share with

We look forward to seeing you at the clinics this month!


Ned Ginty


Somerset Hills Mountaineers

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by posted 07/10/2018

SHM families,

Early bird registration ends July 15. Join us now at $275! After July 16, registration will be $325.

Registration link (http://somersethillsfootball.com/Default.asp?org=SOMERSETHILLSFOOTBALL.COM)

SHM Board

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by posted 07/09/2018

Somerset Hills Mountaineers Families – 


Let’s get ready for some football !!!


Free Clinic and Flag Football Games


Monday, July 9th  at  the new turf field at the polo grounds.


6-7:30 p.m.


Please RSVP to the coach at your respective level.

Their contact information is as follows:


K-2 – Gary Gibson ( )

3rd Grade – Gary Gibson ( )

4th Grade – Ron Bubnowski (  )

5th Grade – Ray Liranzo ( )

6th Grade – Kevin Morra ( )

7th Grade – Gene Carrigan ( )

8th Grade - Bryon Garcia ( )

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by posted 07/06/2018

Dear Somerset Hills Mountaineers Families,


Concerns about head safety and concussions are clearly some of the top concerns regarding participating in contact sports at the youth level.

We have all read articles on these topics, talked to people who have read articles on these topics, but few of us have had actual conversations with board certified pediatric neurological surgeons about this topic to separate fact from fiction.  Until now… 


In partnership with our friends in the Twin Boro Youth Football Program (Chester/Mendham) we are offering an important meeting on football safety with

Dr. Catherine A. Mazzola - Certified member of the American Board of Neurological Surgeons and the American Board of Pediatric Neurological Surgery.  (click here for more information on Dr. Mazzola - https://njpediatricneurosurgery.com/about-us/catherine-mazzola/).


The event will take place on TUESDAY, JULY 10th, 2018 from 7:15 - 8:45pm at The Mendham High School Auditorium (65 E Main St, Mendham, NJ 07945).


Join us for an open conversation on how we are evolving the safety of the football, during practices and games.  Specifically, we plan to cover:

  • How we are adjusting practice schedules and drills
  • What we are teaching our athletes about the game
  • How we are training our coaches and what we are learning from the NFL
  • The precautions we are taking on game day
  • Injury protocols

We hope that you’ll join us for this event, as this is an extremely important issue for us as a league, as coaches, and as parents of young athletes.


Please RSVP to your respective football coach via the email addresses below:




Ned Ginty


Somerset Hills Mountaineers


K-2 – Gary Gibson ( )

3rd Grade – Gary Gibson ( )

4th Grade – Ron Bubnowski (  )

5th Grade – Ray Liranzo ( )

6th Grade – Kevin Morra ( )

7th Grade – Gene Carrigan ( )

8th Grade - Bryon Garcia ( )




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Coach Garcia’s Football Camp July 9-13
by posted 07/05/2018


If you are interested in getting ready for some football this season, get an early jump with Coach Bryon’s football camp. Please check out the link below. 


Watch for for upcoming videos to get fit and get football ready.

Thank you,

SHM Board

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by posted 06/29/2018

Hello Somerset Hills Families,


Congratulations on surviving another school year!


No doubt, you are enjoying the start of summer, and your kids are enjoying a well deserved break.

On behalf of the Somerset Hills Mountaineers Youth Football Program, I wish you and your family a great Independence Day Holiday,

and a fun and safe summer with friends and family.


We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on registration, football activities offered this summer to your kids, important updates on safety, 

and a special video from The Bernards High School Head Football Coach endorsing our new football league (The New Jersey Suburban Youth Football League) 


Now that summer is here, The Somerset Hills Mountaineers Board of Directors and Coaches are feverishly preparing for the upcoming football season.

Registration is open (http://somersethillsfootball.com/Default.asp?org=SOMERSETHILLSFOOTBALL.COM).  Signs are popping up all over town.  Coach Bryon Garcia is finalizing his annual football day camp starting July 9th  at G-Fitness in Bernardsville (http://bryongarcia73.wixsite.com/gfitness/2018-football-camp-sm).  Free weekly clinics will be offered on Monday evenings starting July 9th (6 -7:30 p.m. at the new turf field at the Polo Grounds) with NFL alumni scheduled to attend.  Coaches are getting trained by our new league (The NJSYFL) and The Bernards High School Football Team with the latest safety and training techniques to ensure the health of your children.  Football season is in the air!


We are very excited about this upcoming season.  Most of all, because of our entry into the New Jersey Suburban Youth Football League.

Our new league offers so many enhancements for our children to enjoy the game of football.

Most importantly, they offer enhanced safety rules, and more flexibility for kids to play at their appropriate age, weight, and skill levels.

Additionally, as always, our board continues to offer enhanced safety tools to help your child enjoy the game of football.   

For example, this year we will offer the use of Guardian Caps to improve head safety (which will be available for a discounted purchase during equipment fitting in July).  Please check out their website for more information (https://www.guardiancaps.com/).


Finally – 


We have worked closely with The Bernards High School Football Program to find this league, evaluate it, and ultimately approve it for our program.

To highlight this effort, dispel some misperceptions about the new league, and invite you to be a part of our football family, varsity head coach Jon Simoneau recorded the attached video (see attached - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH__VXPu_A4)


We encourage you to be a part of our football family.  As Jon highlights in this video, there are eighty-eight distinct positions on a football team – one for every size kid, skill level, or age.  Your child’s safety is our first priority.  We will find a football experience for your child that meets your goals and priorities.

Please reach out to me with any questions, visit our website for key dates and events, and Let’s Go Mountaineers.




Ned Ginty


Somerset Hills Mountaineers  

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2018 Bernards Football - Friday Night Lights
by posted 06/29/2018


BHS Friday Night Lights schedule for the season. All welcome to attend and support the team and program. Let’s go, Mountaineers!

SHM Board

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by posted 06/07/2018


Our Program

The goal of the NJSYFL is to provide the largest number of pre-high school aged youth with a positive experience in the game of football. Our program has grown and garnered the reputation of being one of the best programs in the state in terms of both how it is run and the values set forth for the children that participate. The program focuses not only on athletic skill development but also on personal growth and enjoyment while it embodies the values of academic excellence, respect for others, discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

We have a great responsibility to the boys and girls that participate in our program and the league has a "low tolerance" for any coach or individual that is part of this program and that does not strive to meet these responsibilities and places either the safety of the participants or the development of good values at risk.

The NJSYFL currently supports three types of programs for pre-high school aged boys and girls; contact football, cheerleading, and flag football. Additional details about each program can be found by clicking on the links below.
Full Contact Football
Full Contact Football
A competitive, traveling, full contact program for various age and weight groups.
A developmental, traveling program paired by age group with with the full contact football teams.
Flag Football
Flag Football
A developmental, town based, non-contact program primarily targeted for the younger age brackets.


Hi Mountaineers,

Welcome to 2018 Fall Mountineers Football! We have changed leagues, from The Morris County Youth Football League to the New Jersey Suburban Youth Football League. If you missed the Town Hall, catch up about the NJSYFL's program below or visit their site, www.njsyfl.com.

The Mountaineers Board are here for any questions and concerns. Please reach out. Thank you!



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